Dr. Xoni Ma


Founding Members 創立成員

​​​Xoni got his PhD degree from the University of Hong Kong with his research focused on how field-based education can be utilized to achieve effective environmental education.

He was involved in designing several field-based programmes for secondary school subject learning and environmental education. In 2014, he co-founded the “Take Action! Youth Biodiversity Conservation Leadership Training Scheme” with two fellow classmates, while receiving the “HKU 2015 Faculty Knowledge Exchange Award” in recognition of the success of the Take Action! Programme. 

Xoni has been a coordinator and tutor for several university programmes and courses. He helped to lead overseas ecology field trips to countries such as Kenya, Tanzania and Madagascar. He is also a Certified Arborist of the International Society of Arboriculture and he has participated in numerous vegetation, trees and forest surveys and research projects. He loves nature and different kinds of outdoor sports. He has more than ten years of experience in hiking, visited many places in Hong Kong and climbed the Mt. Kinabalu in Malaysia. Xoni likes to share the beauty of nature and his views on environmental issues with others and has been invited to join many radio programmes and forums on different occasions. He is also an active blogger on an online media platform.


Xoni曾參與設計多套中學學科和環境教育戶外考察教材,亦曾多次帶領老師培訓和學生考察活動。Xoni於2014年與兩位同學共同創辦「Take Action! 青年生態保育領袖計劃」。憑著 Take Action! 計劃的成功, Xoni榮獲「香港大學2015學院知識交流獎」。

​Xoni過去身為多個大學課程的統籌和導師,協助帶領大學生於海外如肯亞、坦桑尼亞和馬達加斯加等國家進行生態考察。Xoni 為國際樹木學會註冊樹藝師,參與多項本地植物、樹木和森林調查以及研究工作。Xoni 熱愛大自然和各項戶外運動,擁有超過十年行山經驗,走訪本港各處,更曾攀登馬來西亞的神山。Xoni 亦喜愛和他人分享大自然之美和對環境議題的看法,曾任多個電台節目和講座嘉賓,亦是網上媒體博客。