Ms. Janice Lo


​Janice received her MPhil degree from the University of Hong Kong exploring how to pursue successful nature conservation via partnership between different parties.

Being part of the surveying team in a local forestry research and a biodiversity database construction, she got the chance to come into close contact with local vegetation and wildlife. She is also a Certified Arborist of the International Society of Arboriculture. To make good use of the knowledge and experience acquired, she assists in conducting education activities, such as nature tours and field trips, for various organizations serving people from students to adults. She was an instructor in programmes and courses conducted for university and secondary-school students. Programmes ranged from local wildlife identification to expeditions to foreign countries such as Kenya and Tanzania.

Janice cares about nature as she is attracted by the wonders and beauty of nature. As a means to broaden her horizons, she likes hiking in Hong Kong and going on excursions to foreign countries including Thailand and Malaysia. She employs her drawing skills as a way to share with others about nature treasures that she loves. Through the activities of OWLHK, Janice would like to raise people’s appreciation to nature and encourage them to employ their skills to bring about positive changes in daily life for nature.




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