Mr. Bond Shum


Founding Members 創立成員

​Bond received his MSc degree in Environmental Management in the University of Hong Kong with his dissertation about natural succession in Hong Kong secondary forests.

During his study, Bond had spent more than 4 years in the forest surveying every tree inside. Bond started watching birds and butterflies when he was still a secondary school student and he further extended his interest to amphibians and reptiles when he entered his university study. Having more than 10 years wildlife survey experiences, Bond has been the ecological consultant for several major projects. Bond has designed and coordinated a series of ecology workshops in order to share what he has learnt to the public. In the meanwhile, he is also a certificated tour escort and have guided more than 10 oversea trips. Bond is a certified arborist of the International Society of Arboriculture and he has conducted numerous tree risk assessments and vegetation surveys.

Bond grew up in the countryside and has since enjoyed everything that nature provides.  He moved into the city when he grew up.  He is saddened by the gradual replacement of natural environment by concrete every time he goes back to his hometown, and he believes that nature can co-exist with development. Bond wishes to promote nature appreciation and conservation through outdoor ecological education.