Game Education

Game Education

Creating intrinsic motivation to learn ecological concepts by game approach such as board game, orientation etc.

《Law of the Forest》

《Law of the Forest》 is the first and only Hong Kong board game with the theme of Hong Kong forest ecology and biodiversity. Our team has spent more than one year on its design and production, ensuring the board game serves both entertainment and educational purposes and is suitable for various types of players!

Introduction video

  • Collaboratively published by professional environmental education team Outdoor Wildlife Learning Hong Kong (OWLHK) and professional board game education team Strategic Game Society, providing the opportunity to learn about ecology while enjoying the game
  • Designed by famous local ecology artists RedstART Studio and Nicole Kit Illustrations. Every detail on the cards is well-designed with high quality
  • 280 HKD per set. Bilingual, suitable for a wide range of players such as families, students, and other board game players

Tutorial video


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