Place-based Education

Place-based Education

Building connection between places and neighbouring ecological hotspots with knowledge and sense of belonging

Training Programme of Tree Docent in Tuen Mun Society

Equip yourself indoor, explore the nature outdoor!

OWLHK and Findingroots, a community-based organization in Tuen Mun, co-organized Local Tree Guide Training Programme, especially for Tuen Mun residents. The programme provides theoretical and practical training. By learning the common plant species, they can start exploring the biodiversity and management plan of the urban trees.

Localization is fundamental to sustainable development education. OWLHK commits itself to work with different communities and organizations diversely to design and organize the place-based environmental education programmes.

Tuen Mun district is the core element of the design of the programme, field work locations distributed all over the district. The course includes 4 full-day trainings with 2-hours theoretical class and 4-hours of outdoor practical class per day. The contents of the 4-days course include basic introduction of plants, urban trees and habitats, the management of urban trees and the final trial of being tree guide.

The training programme is led by our founders Dr. Xoni Ma and Mr. Bond Shum. All students are required to finish their group work and be the guide of a public tree tour in the district at the end.

We are honoured to co-organize this event with Findingroots and we look forward to more ways to carry out place-based environmental education, please feel free to contact us for any ideas for your district.