Publication and resources

Publication and resources

OWLHK Fifth Anniversary presents: Development Report 2016-2021

We thank you for your participation and support throughout these five years, allowing OWLHK to develop steadily and contribute to environmental education in Hong Kong. Being a local non-profit start-up organisation, it has not been easy along the way. We hope to use this opportunity to conclude our experience, share what we have learned, and express our sincere thanks to all of you.

However, as mentioned in the fifth-anniversary post “Five years can be the closing of a chapter, but it can also be the start of a new one. “Therefore, we hope that this development report, instead of plainly listing out our past activities and future plans, can be a starting point for invoking thoughts, discussion, and collaboration.

Therefore, we have spent half a year's time preparing this development report. Both content and format are carefully designed by our own team. The content includes the fundamental concepts of environmental education and its implementation in Hong Kong written by Dr. Xoni Ma - our Founder and Education Director - and the exploration of various education methods, seeking to invoke your thoughts and imagination on environmental education in Hong Kong. The format, apart from paragraphs, also includes videos, a sketchbook journal, and interactive games, which are all decorated with fine illustrations, as we hope that this report can become a leisure reading for you. This development report will be printed and shared with you all, please stay tuned for further details!

Following the mentioned release in the fifth-anniversary post, it is time to reveal our report! We really appreciate the voluntary assistance of Linklaters in our application to the Inland Revenue Department, with which we have successfully registered as a local charity in Hong Kong (91/16831)!

This registration means a lot to OWLHK, apart from being a confirmation of our work in environmental education, it is also an important opportunity that allows us to develop and continue our work in environmental education in Hong Kong.

Nonetheless, in order to promote local environmental education, your support is essential to equip us with resources to step up further. Future work can be done at different levels in policies, curricula, schools, teachers’ training, and public education. Furthermore, it should be focused on four aspects including (1) mainstreaming outdoor environmental education in the formal curriculum, (2) professionalization of environmental education talents, (3) constancy of environmental education research, and (4) enhancing knowledge exchange and uniting local environmental education forces.

We are seeking your support so more people would have an opportunity to experience quality environmental education. To feel and understand the preciousness of Hong Kong’s nature, as well as to safeguard Hong Kong’s rich natural environment. You are welcome to support us through one-off or monthly donations!

  • One-off Donation of $500
    Support us to replace current depleted tools, advance, and produce better educational materials.
  • Monthly Donation of $250
    Support us in publishing and developing different innovative and efficient methods to carry out environmental education. Ideas in mind like new board games about local ecology, nature logbooks and orienteering games etc., fulfilling different learners’ needs.


We thank you again for your support. OWLHK has been and will continue to be striving toward creating a new future for environmental education in Hong Kong.

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