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School Education

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Wildlife Videography Education Programme -
Little Wildlife Director

In the form of groups, the activity was led by the instructors

The Wildlife Videography Education Programme is a project under Subventions for Biodiversity Education 2019 funded by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department. The programme is divided into two parts.

The Primary School Environmental Documentary Short Film Screening is a part of the programme. It is an educational activity centred on the local eco-documentary and designed for the primary school curriculum in Hong Kong. Through the screening of Hong Kong’s ecological short films, primary school students’ awareness and interest in various habitat ecology and biodiversity in Hong Kong will be enhanced. In conjunction with daily teaching, students will be encouraged to develop their creativity based on ecological knowledge.

Local ecological short films bring students to the wild

The selected ecological film materials produced by Mr. Fung Hon-Shing, a local ecological documentary filmmaker, on the spot in Hong Kong to bring students closer to the local ecology and strengthen the sense of reality of local biodiversity. The local ecological documentary short film series "Wild Hong Kong" is the first documentary film series on the theme of ecology and biodiversity in Hong Kong. The content is compact and full of stories, depicting subtle stories between living things. For students who do not leave their hands on daily electronic products, it can be said to be a "door of choice" to nature. The difficulty of learning from the short film is also lower than that of the field observation, which can arouse the curiosity of the students and eventually achieve the effect of enhancing the desire of outdoor investigation.

Little eco-directors practicing improvised with what they learnt

The instructors used ecological short films to explain the habits and relationships of various animals and their adaptability to designated habitats, as well as to explain the skills of creating stories and narratives. The short film selections in the event were combined with the content and design of the event to fully highlight the characteristics of each creature and become the focus of learning. Afterwards, the students were divided into small groups with tutors to use the ecological concepts learnt on the spot to cooperate in creating stories and role-playing for the short film materials. Students seemed to be glad when they played the biological roles that they belonged to. We hope they can meet these familiar friends again in the wild one day!

The eco-director education activity is currently also an activity of OWLHK School Education. Schools and teachers are welcome to register!