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Forest Ecologist

Activity Introduction

The program Forest Ecologist is an activity of OWLHK Environmental Education for Secondary Schools, leading students into the forest and experiencing forest research. In the indoor lecture, students will learn about local vegetation changes and global forest observation studies that Hong Kong has participated in. After acquiring some basic knowledge, students will visit Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve, one of the most mature secondary forests in Hong Kong. They will then conduct field visit in small groups to observe secondary forests and plantation forests.

Under tutors’ guidance, students will have the chance to walk into forest, explore forest with their five senses and learn about some native plants. They will also engage in scientific exploration activities such as microclimate measurements and tree surveys, as well as a close encounter with trees. On-site data analysis will be performed after data collection to compare vegetation environments, ecological values, and forest conservation issues.

The program is designed to comply with the secondary school curriculum, allowing students to learn about ecological concepts such as biological relationships and forest structures. While students will be using different senses to appreciate plant diversity, a strong connection between students and the forest can be fostered. We highly recommend students studying geography and biology subjects to this program!

Learning Objective

  1. Understand Hong Kong’s biodiversity and vegetation overview
  2. Understand local forest ecology and common species
  3. Engage in forest scientific exploration activity, discuss the value of the natural forest and planted forest

Activity Outline

45-min Indoor and 2.5-hour Outdoor
School indoor venue, Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve
F.1 to F.6 students
Activity Rundown
  • 45mins《Change in Hong Kong Vegetation and Countryside》talk
  • 2.5 hours outdoor forest field trip
Field trip format
  • Understanding about some native plants with five senses and connecting with the forest
  • Engaging in scientific exploration activities such as microclimate investigation and tree surveys
  • Data analysis and discussion on forest conservation issues
Tutor to Student Ratio
The above rundown does not include the traveling time between school and field trip location. The applicant school is responsible for arranging transportation.

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