School Education

School Education

Bringing on-campus activities and field trips in line with school-based curriculum in kindergarten, primary, secondary and tertiary education

Nature Appreciation Programme for New College, HKU

Environmentally-friendly handcraft workshop

New College is the new residence hall of the University of Hong Kong (HKU), with sustainable development as its main ethos. OWLHK is honoured to be invited as a partner. Starting from the second semester of 2016-17, for five consecutive semesters, OWLHK designed and organized an education course on the theme of ecology and biodiversity for HKU students.

Since the boarding students of New College come from all over the world, including local students and exchange students, the course is mainly conducted in English, supplemented by Cantonese and Mandarin. OWLHK has designed a total of 18 activities with different themes, including vegetation, tree management, art creation, geology, coastal ecology, insects, environmentally-friendly handcrafts, environmentally-friendly enzymes, night safari, board game education, etc. All activities are carried out in small groups. Under the guidance of our professional instructors, we visited places such as Violet Hill, Po Toi, Kei Ling Ha Lo Wai, Tung A, Tai Po Kau, Sha Lo Wan, Dong Long Island, etc. Apart from understanding the ecological environment, students could get a deeper understanding of Hong Kong!

OWLHK is looking forward to design and organize various courses for colleges and universities. Feel free to contact us!