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School Education

Bringing on-campus activities and field trips in line with school-based curriculum in kindergarten, primary, secondary and tertiary education

Exploring the Urban Ant Diversity -
Training for Tertiary Students

Simple ant ecology taught by Hong Kong ant expert Mr. Lee Ho, PhD student of the School of Biological Sciences, The University of Hong Kong

In 2017, OWLHK organized the Exploring the Urban Ant Diversity - Training for Tertiary Students. This programme is jointly organized with the Environmental Life Science Society, SS, HKUSU and was funded by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department. It is a one-day outdoor study course specially designed for the New Senior Secondary Biology curriculum.

This course is based on the theme of the most common insects in city - ants. By studying the diversity and ecology of ants in urban area, suburb and their corresponding habitats, students could understand Hong Kong’s biodiversity and achieve subject learning and environmental education.

Volunteer training for tertiary students includes a half-day introduction and lecture, plus a full-day outdoor study. The content of the lecture mainly covers three major areas of environmental education, ecology and biodiversity. Participants will be equipped with the basic knowledge required for field studies and leading activities. On the second day’s field study, students will visit Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve, the University of Hong Kong and the Lung Fu Shan Country Park. Through the investigation of different habitats, subsequent data analysis and discussion, participants will understand the ecology and distribution of ants in Hong Kong.

After completion of the training, participants can become volunteer tutors for secondary school teacher training and secondary school student field study, which will achieve the effect of teaching and learning.