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School Education

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Insect Hotel and Pollinating Insects - School Educational Program

Insects play a critical role in ecosystems by pollinating flowers, decomposing organic matter and providing food to other lives. However, insect populations are rapidly declining due to habitat loss, genetically modified crops, pollution, diseases and climate change.

In order to increase students' understanding and awareness of insects, as well as to break their fears and misconceptions, Insect Hotel and Insect Pollinator school education program is launched. This program aimed at helping students understand the importance of insect pollinators in terms of local ecosystem services. The program composed of in-class sessions, outdoor field trips and workshops.

Program details

In-class sessions
Each session lasts for about 1 hour. Each session covers topics including insect ecology, common insects in Hong Kong, threats and conservation measures for insects.
Outdoor field trips
Each session is about 2 hours. In the field trips, students will conduct outdoor insect surveys to learn about insect ecology.
Each session lasts for about 2.5 hours. Each workshop includes activities such as building simplified insect hotels and training as insect surveyors.
Customized insect hotels
Insect hotels can be customized to be placed at school campus.

The program content is tailored to meet the needs of different schools and can include experiential and deepening learning activities. Activity durations range from 2 to 20 hours. Welcome school teachers to contact us for further information and program details.