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School Education

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Butterfly Ecology Course - School Educational Program

In the vast animal kingdom, insects are one of the most common and easily observable species, making them ideal for students to study ecology. We offer a comprehensive, long-term and in-depth course focused on one of the most popular and widely recognized insects: butterflies. Through this course, students will progress from fundamental concepts to more advanced topics, gaining a complete understanding of butterfly ecology.

The course combines the cultivation of ecological knowledge, attitudes, and values, using a variety of teaching methods to help students fully comprehend the diversity of butterfly ecology. The course aims to increase students' interest and concern for butterflies and nature while encouraging them to take an active role in ecological conservation. Topics covered include butterfly ecology and diversity, species identification, the relationship between butterflies and plants, and butterfly conservation. Additionally, outdoor field trips can be arranged to allow students to learn in a natural setting and deepen their connection with nature.

The number of course sessions, duration, and content can be tailored according to the needs of each school. We welcome teachers from all schools to contact us for more information and to discuss details.