School Education

School Education

Bringing on-campus activities and field trips in line with school-based curriculum in kindergarten, primary, secondary and tertiary education

OWLHK Secondary School Environmental Education Series - Other Special Education Programs

OWLHK offers diverse environmental education activities of various themes, covering different ecological environments, flora and fauna. The activity formats and group sizes are adjustable to fulfil different needs of schools, ensuring a student-centered and enjoyable learning experience with optimal teaching effectiveness.

ECF Saint Too Canaan College

Invited by ECF Saint Too Canaan College, OWLHK organized a 【Hong Kong Ecology Exploration Journey】for secondary 2-4 school students, with three activities with themes of forest, butterfly and bird respectively. Through indoor classes and outdoor field studies, it has enhanced students’ understanding and interest of Hong Kong ecology and biodiversity.

In the forest ecology activity, students learned about Hong Kong forest ecology and basic ecology concepts, such as vegetation types, food chain, relationships between organisms and forest ecology. Subsequently, students conducted outdoor field studies in Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve. They explored the forest ecology through group games, and came up with daily life actions that could contribute to forest protection.

For the butterfly ecology activity, through indoor thematic talk, interactive games and the board game 《Where’re the Butterflies》, students learned about butterfly ecology, taxonomy and the common species in Hong Kong. After that, students went to Wu Kau Tang for outdoor field trip study. With the guidance of professional tutors, students encountered different butterflies and learned about their characteristics and habits in real life.

On the last day, students were taught about citizen scientist surveys and research through lectures. They then experienced in Bioblitz competition in Shing Mun Country Park. Apart from announcing the result of the mini-competition, students shared their own interesting and special discoveries, and converted their experiences into effective learning.

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Chan Sui Ki (La Salle) College

Between November 2022 and May 2023, we organized fifteen activities for students from the Ecology Society at Chan Sui Ki (La Salle) College. The activities covered themes of different organisms, allowing students to acquire comprehensive knowledge about the ecology of birds, plants, insects, coastal species, amphibians and reptiles. This enhanced their knowledge and awareness of Hong Kong's urban and rural environment and biodiversity. Through a range of interactive teaching modes, we aimed to make learning enjoyable and strengthen students' motivation to learn. In addition to indoor classes, students have been to different habitats for field trips. Students gained deeper understanding and improve their awareness of environmental conservation with their first-hand experience.

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