School Education

School Education

Bringing on-campus activities and field trips in line with school-based curriculum in kindergarten, primary, secondary and tertiary education

The Education University of Hong Kong Student Affairs Office - EdUTeer “Eco Master!”- Green Volunteer and Community Education

In October 2023, we organized a Forest Ecology Activity Day and a Free Ocean Day under the programme, EdUTeer “Eco Master!”- Green Volunteer and Community Education, for the Student Affairs Office of the Education University of Hong Kong. It enhanced students’ understanding of local ecology and environmental education, and provided them with inspirations to design on-campus activities for primary school students.

During the indoor section of Forest Ecology Activity Day, students learned about the concept of biodiversity and local ecology's existing circumstances through thematic talks. They then experienced the board game “Law of the Forest” to learn about food chains, forest environment, as well as concepts and issues related to human’s impact on local forest. Then on, tutors added about some basic information and research about environmental education, including the theory of responsible environmental-friendly actions, and the paradigm of environmental education pedagogy, hoping to inspire students to design high effective and interesting primary school on-campus activities. In the 3-hour forest ecology field trip at Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve, students learned about forest ecology and common animals and plants via games and observations with five senses. Apart from learning, students took a stroll in the forest to observe their surroundings and spend the time connecting with nature. Lastly, tutors invited students to share their observations and feelings and revealed the main points to implement outdoor environmental education effectively.

On the Free Ocean Day, students learned about the great diversity of local coastal wildlife and habitats, and inspected the impact of plastic waste towards shoreline habitat. Subsequently, students visited to a Site of Special Scientific Interest in Ting Kok (Tai Po) for a field trip. They encountered mangrove and intertidal organisms on the mudflat, as well as their special ways of survival. With tutors’ further interpretation, students knew deeper about the coastal ecology and realized the importance to conserve it. Lastly, in the shore cleaning, students collected debris and conducted marine debris surveys. By analysing the type, amount and source of the ocean debris, students realized the seriousness of local ocean pollution. The day ended with a reflection to come up with ways to reduce waste at source in daily life.