Terrestrial Ecology

Terrestrial Ecology

Into the woods and streams, observe the ecological interaction

Visiting Amphibians and Reptiles at Night

OWLHK tutors give a talk introducing ecology of amphibians and reptiles in Hong Kong at school

Hong Kong is a hilly city with little flat land. There are still many unexplored mountain, streams and forests remain natural (temporarily), due to their physical limitation to development. These places become nice spots for Hong Kong people and tourist to enjoy their leisure, and are always crowded in daytime. However, when most of the people left, amphibians and reptiles become active at night. When we try to protect the beautiful countryside and habitats, what kind of amphibians and reptiles are living there?

Under the guidance of our professional instructors, we will lead you to explore the countryside and see what to encounter at night.

This activity was divided into two parts. In the indoor part, participants could learn amphibians and reptiles biodiversity via mini-games and information about common species in lecture. During outdoor study, participants formed small groups and led by professional instructors to explore in the countryside, while explaining their habitats and techniques to identify species.

“Visiting Amphibians and Reptiles at Night” is also part of the OWLHK School Environmental Education, if teachers and schools are interested in this activity, please feel free to reach us!