Terrestrial Ecology

Terrestrial Ecology

Into the woods and streams, observe the ecological interaction

Exploring Hong Kong Biodiversity – TrailLight.Nature Logbook Activity Forest Exploration Logbook

Exploring Hong Kong Biodiversity – TrailLight.Nature Logbook Activity is a funded programme under the Subventions for Biodiversity Education (2020). As part of the programme, the Forest Ecology Nature Logbook Activity invited public participants and professional ecological illustrators to conceive and design collectively to publish a self-motivated and sensation-driven ‘Forest Exploration Logbook’ (The Logbook). The Logbook compiles missions integrating with delightful and artistic elements in games, differing from conventional ‘fill-in-the-blanks’ mode of observations and recording. It aims at raising public’s motivations to learn in the outdoors, as well as developing children’s senses and interests to the nature.

Pace down to unearth the new findings in nature!

“Wow! This cotton has six legs!”
“How come this leaf feels like a metal scrubber?”
“The screech from the deep woods sounds like a monster…”

Our city is right next to rural landscapes in Hong Kong. However, urban inhabitants may still be hurrying in the wild and missing out the interesting bits along the way. The Logbook is the primer to slow down the users’ steps and guide them to reacquaint nature through observing the relationships between environment and organisms. Plants and insects that used to be mundane and boring could jump out of the box as great surprises after in-depth inspections and recording, with an extra dose of imagination and creativity.

Dedicated production of ‘Forest Exploration Logbook’ awaits you for the next forest exploration

The Logbook is illustrated by renowned ecological illustrators, together with the input of game ideas from participants of the training workshop. It is a wonder collecting 14 missions theming Hong Kong forests and biodiversity. It has a dainty size, refined illustrations and comprehensive elements of nature. What an ideal opportunity for parent-child or family to embark an exciting forest exploration journey!

‘Forest Exploration Logbook’ is officially launched ONLINE! Welcome to download it for your own extraordinary forest experience. After completing it, you are invited to share on Facebook or Instagram. Don’t forget to tag us @owlhk2016 or #OWLHK Forest Exploration Logbook to share with us your findings and illustrations!