Terrestrial Ecology

Terrestrial Ecology

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Environment and Conservation Fund Insect Pollination Ecology Education Programme

Introduction to the Programme

The “Environment and Conservation Fund Insect Pollination Ecology Education Programme” is an environmental education and community engagement programme funded by the Environment and Conservation Fund. With the theme of common insect pollinators in Hong Kong, the programme aims to educate and promote insect ecology to the public, to eliminate the public’s inexplicable fear of insects through diversified educational activities, outdoor field trips and “Insect Hotel”.

By popularizing the “Insect Hotel”, we could provide more nursery places for insect pollinators. Also, promote the importance of insect pollinators ecosystem services in Hong Kong. The programme is community-based, encourages the public to conduct long-term observation and surveys, collects ecological baseline data of insect pollinators in Hong Kong. As a result, the programme enriches the local ecology research with comprehensive data.

Programme Features

  • Insect pollinators become a new entry point for the public to re-recognize the importance of insect pollinators in Hong Kong, and introducing the concept of ecosystem services
  • In form of competitions, secondary school students will be trained to conduct “Insect Hotel” experiments, cultivates self-directed learning skills to learn about insect ecology proactively
  • Program is composed of comprehensive and diversified learning activities. In addition to indoor theory and outdoor learning, students are required to build their own "Insect Hotels". Providing more habitats for insect pollinators, enriching urban biodiversity
  • Tertiary students are trained up to become tutors so as to lead the public for citizen science surveys and assist in early childhood eco-education activities. Thus, students can apply the theories while consolidating knowledge, learning through teaching others
  • Promote effective environmental education to early childhood education, to cultivate the mindset of coexisting with insects from an early age through on-site early childhood educational activities
  • Conducting on community-basis, insect pollinators surveys and public tours assist in enhancing the common understanding of insect pollinators, eliminating the fear of insects. The survey will collect mass ecological baseline information of Hong Kong insect pollinators, contributing to biodiversity research in Hong Kong directly
  • Publish reference book to encourage Hong Kong primary and secondary schools to apply conservation concepts of “Insect Hotel” in teaching and daily life, to popularizing ecological conservation and environmental education

Insect Pollination Ecology Education Exhibition

The “Insect Pollination Ecology Education Programme” is nearly coming to an end. To share the programme results with the public, as well as to promote related ecology knowledge about insect pollinators, we are going to hold a 2-day free public exhibition on November 25-26. There are lots of activities awaiting your discovery, so do not miss this chance!

  • Through exhibition boards and valuable specimens, you could understand the ecology of insect pollinators!
  • Observe the internal structure of insect hotels, and have a glimpse of the extraordinary life of solitary wasps!
  • Appreciate excellent works from the “Insect Hotel Design Competition for Secondary Schools”, and vote for the most popular insect hotel!
  • Create crafts during the event, and be educated about insect protection!

Exhibition Details

Central Star Ferry Pier 1/F (Pier No.7)
25/11(Sat) 10:00-22:00

Programme Achievements Release cum Awards’ Ceremony of Insect Hotel Design Competition for Secondary Schools

Through a press conference, we are going to demonstrate the programme results to the public, participants and the media, including the analytical results of the “Hong Kong Insect Pollinator Survey “ and the release of “Hong Kong Insect Hotel Manual”. In addition, we are going to award prizes to the winners of “Insect Hotel Design Competition for Secondary Schools”, and participants are invited to appreciate their masterpieces!

Event Details (Exclusive for Invited Guests)

Teachers, activity planners and anyone interested in learning more about insect pollinators/ insect hotels
November 26, 2023
Tsim Sha Tsui

Application will be needed, please refer to the exhibition’s promotion on our Facebook and Instagram pages for the latest arrangements!

Hong Kong Insect Hotel Manual

We are going to publish the “Hong Kong Insect Hotel Manual” in the upcoming November. It would be distributed to secondary and primary schools in Hong Kong for free, and aim to promote insect pollinators preservation to campuses!

The manual contains:

  • Insect pollinators ecological knowledge
  • Concept and application of insect hotel
  • Insect Hotel Teaching Kit for primary/secondary schools
  • Glossary of Common Solitary Wasps in Hong Kong

Primary and secondary school teachers interested may contact us directly at pollinators@owlhk.org!

Insect Hotel Design Competition for Secondary Schools

First Competition Using “Insect Hotel” As the Main Theme in Hong Kong

In addition to providing comprehensive and diversified learning opportunities, the Insect Hotel Design Competition for Secondary Schools trains and leads secondary school students to conduct “Insect Hotel” experiments in the form of competitions. Competitions enhance students' collaboration skills and engagement level, while cultivating students' self-directed learning skills, via observing insect ecology proactively and understanding ecological knowledge.

The five-day training will be instructed by local experts and professional teams, teaching ecological knowledge and searching skills of insect pollinators, as well as technical training in basic carpentry. Students will make their own "Insect Hotel" and will experience providing habitats for urban insects, and enriching urban biodiversity. Though the "Insect Hotel" experiment, students will learn experimental correction, data integration and analysis, and understand the practical challenges of scientific research.

The Secondary School Insect Hotel Design Competition will recruit 10 teams, each consisting of 3 to 4 students and 1 teacher. Students will participate in five training days, including indoor teaching activities, outdoor field trips and the production of the “Insect Hotel”.

Thank you for your support and enthusiasm for this competition, the “Insect Hotel Design Competition” has concluded! Congratulations to our winners as listed below:

【Insect Hotel Design Award】
Gold award - HKSYCIA Wong Tai Shan Memorial College
Silver award - Cheng Chek Chee Secondary School of Sai Kung & Hang Hau District, N.T.
Bronze award - St. Francis Xavier's School, Tsuen Wan

【Insect Hotel Operational Report Award】
Gold award - Cheng Chek Chee Secondary School of Sai Kung & Hang Hau District, N.T.
Silver award - Hoi Ping Chamber of Commerce Secondary School
Bronze award - The Church of Christ in China Kei To Secondary School

Tutor Training for Tertiary Students

Environmental Education X Early Childhood Education - Comprehensive College Students Training

There are two rounds of tutor training for tertiary students. Each round of training consists of two training days and an overnight training camp. The training will be led by local experts, teaching the ecological knowledge and investigation skills of pollinators in person. Also, a current and experienced kindergarten teacher will explain the basics of early childhood education. Through a variety of interactive activities and outdoor field trips, participants will be well equipped as tutors!

After receiving a series of ecological and educational trainings, tertiary students will personally lead the citizen science of insect pollinators survey, and take parts in kindergartens workshop. Tertiary students will apply what they have learned in the training to achieve teaching-and-learning, consolidate the knowledge, as well as impart relevant skills and knowledge to the public, gain first-hand experience of conservation work.

The tutors will undergo four days of training, content includes:

  • Basics of Environmental Education and Early Childhood Education
  • Observation and identification skills of common insect pollinators
  • Citizen Science Survey
  • Creation and conservation application of “Insect Hotel”
  • Basic ecology and diversity of insect pollinators in Hong Kong

The last round of “Tutor Training for Tertiary Students” has ended, thank you for your support!

Insects' Moving Castle - Insect Discovery Workshop for Kindergartens

Free insect-themed kindergarten outreach activity!

Insect Discovery Workshop is a free interactive learning activity designed for K3 kindergarten students. Through interactive lectures and interesting stories, children can learn about urban insects and to be less afraid of them, fostering a positive relationship with our insect neighbours. Children will also create a simple insect hotel, protecting pollinator insects in our city; after the workshop, the hotels may also be placed in the school garden, giving kids a chance to observe insects up-close. Application and enquiries welcome to all kindergarten teachers!

The quota for the last round of “Insects’moving castle – Insect Discovery Workshop for Kindergartens” is full. Thanks to all teachers for your support!

Our organization also provides various indoor/outdoor kindergarten activity packages and professional teacher training, enquiries from all kindergartens and nurseries are welcome!

Citizen Science – Hong Kong Insect Pollinator Survey

Citizen science refers to scientific research which is conducted by the public. Regardless of the background of investigators, they can assist in the collection and analysis of scientific data and the exploration of scientific hypothesis, allowing the citizen scientists to experience scientific research and learn relevant knowledge. At the same time, scientists can collect wider and larger amounts of scientific data with the help of citizens.

Each round of citizen science surveys has different topic of ecological lectures!

There are three rounds of the Hong Kong Insect Pollinator Survey. Each round has a specified research direction, which enriches the research project and comprehends the insect pollinator ecology. Each round includes a 1-day training day, which local experts will teach basic ecological knowledge and survey skills of pollinators.

Activity Period: June to August (1st round), 2022; September to November (2nd round), 2022; April to May, 2023 (3rd round)

All three rounds of survey have concluded, thank you for your support and participation!

We will be releasing the results of our data analysis on the Programme Achievements Release ceremony in November 2023.

If you’re interested in attending the ceremony, please refer to our Facebook and Instagram pages for the latest application arrangements!

Where “Bugs” come from - Insect Pollinator Tour for Public

Learning about insect pollinators and insect hotels with the public!

The Insect Pollinator Tour is a free 3-hour public activity which aims to raise public awareness and knowledge towards insect pollinators through outdoor study. In collaboration with “The Mushroom Initiative”, we have also placed a few insect hotels inside their farm, allowing participants to observe and learn more about this great conservation tool.

  • Learn about insect pollinator ecology and biodiversity with professional tutors
  • Visit the biodiverse Lam Tsuen Valley and observe Hong Kong’s village-side insects
  • Observe the operation of an “Insect hotel” through simple experiments to learn about its function and applications

All tours have ended. Thank you for your support!

For more ecology-themed tours provided by us, feel free to enquire with our staff.