Terrestrial Ecology

Terrestrial Ecology

Into the woods and streams, observe the ecological interaction

Gifted Education Fund: Off-school Advanced Learning Programme
Hong Kong Insect Ecology Programme for Gifted Students

OWLHK is holding an Off-school Advanced Learning Programme with the support of the Gifted Education Foundation. The “Hong Kong Insect Ecology Programme for Gifted Students” (Programme number: 2021-02) recruited 32 Primary 4 and 5 students to participate in a nine-month programme. The course aims to reinforce the understanding of ecology and biodiversity in gifted students and develop students’ skills in carrying out scientific enquiry and devise relevant applications through studying local insects. At the same time, it encourages students to establish positive attitudes and values which are important for personal growth and community development.

The programme has completed successfully in April 2023!

After receiving training on insect ecology and biodiversity in Hong Kong, students have conducted individual research on insect using different survey techniques and presented their findings in showcase under the guidance of tertiary student tutors. Some of the outstanding research projects can be found below: