Coastal Ecology

Coastal Ecology

Learning from the shore, feel the blending of natural elements

Gifted Education Fund: Off-school Advanced Learning Programme
Hong Kong Marine Ecology Programme for Gifted Students

In collaboration with Hong Kong Maritime Museum and The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education, OWLHK is holding a brand new Off-school Advanced Learning Programme with the support of the Gifted Education Foundation. The “Hong Kong Marine Ecology Programme for Gifted Students” (Programme number: 2022-04) takes in Primary 4 and 5 students to participate in a 10-month programme. The programme aims to reinforce the understanding of marine ecology, biodiversity and natural conservation in gifted students and develop students’ skills in carrying out scientific enquiry and devise relevant applications through studying marine ecology. Most importantly, it motivates students to establish positive attitudes and values which are essential for personal growth and community development.

Learning goals:

  • To broaden gifted students’ knowledge and research ability of marine ecology, biodiversity and natural conservation.
  • To develop students’ problem-solving skills, self-directed learning skills and presentation skills through scientific enquiry and project learning.
  • To foster students’ positive values and attitudes such as care for our natural environment, respect for life and civic responsibility etc.

Programme content:

This learning programme consists of four stages. Firstly, students would have a preliminary understanding of Hong Kong’s ocean environment, ecology and biodiversity. For instance, they would learn about biodiversity in the intertidal zone, and the ecological value of coral reefs. After acquiring some basic understanding, students would have a deeper understanding of different concepts, such as the fusion of art into ecological protection, through workshops and field visits. To encourage students to utilize what they have learned, students would conduct group projects related to marine ecology and investigate specified topics in depth with various analytical skills.